Chris is currently collaborating with Energetic Alignment Practioner, Sarah Ripper running Clear and Create workshops in Brisbane.

Contact Chris for the opportunity to guest facilitate or to arrange customised workshop offerings for your community both in person and online.

Energetic Clearing webinars are available, see the Harmonic Elixir Facebook page for current offerings.



"I recently attended a very interesting and empowering workshop run by Sarah Ripper and Chris Blackwell. The purpose of the workshop was to bring our body and spirit into alignment by means of guided vibrational chants while developing a new perspective to our thought patterns using guided questioning and symbolic ‘sweeping’ to throw out negative emotions. It was intense and spiritual. I came away with new perspectives and thought patterns and have felt substantially better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has an open mind and the desire to move forward from negative thought patterns. (After the workshop) I had my first sale at a gallery and have received 7 orders for my bags. Helpful people have been manifested by the Universe to assist me when I need them like helping me to lift a heavy package into the car.”

Retired teacher & Artist