Upcoming Webinar 

    “Money Energy Clearings”  

    Series of 3 webinars

    A lot of of us have stuff around money and the energy of receiving. Until we change the story we tell ourselves, clear and release the beliefs we hold around money then we shut down our joy. We pinch ourselves off from the joy of the full flow of life force in our bodies and energy field and we also limit the amount of money flow and support we receive! In this webinar we will get a chance to heal these blocks, tell a new story and much more. 

    Investment: $44 USD pp for an individual webinar OR $99 USD pp for all three webinars.


     “Money Energy Clearing 1”

    Monday 17th June 

    8:30am - Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)


    “Money Energy Clearing 2” 

    Monday 24th June 

     8:30am - AEST


    “Money Energy Clearing 3”

    Monday 1st July 

    8:30am - AEST




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    Christopher Blackwell 

    BSB: 814282

    Account Number: 50827983

    Email info@harmonicelixirs.com.au to secure your spot & be part of the powerful processes. 


    Note - All webinars will be recorded through ZOOM so you can replay them when and as often as you like and if you can’t make the time you can still get the replay and will be held in the energy of the webinar! I will send you webinar link once payment is made.