I am grateful to have met Chris, an exceptional and unique gifted massage therapist and healer. As a practioner in complimentary therapies, I am very picky in whom I confide.

Chris brings profound compassion, integrity and amazing intuitive skills to his work. There is a sense of magic when Chris uses his voice and directs it onto various parts of the muscles and body. His intuitive insights and compassion combined with the use of essential oils helped me to strengthen my soul connection and a deeper understanding of my life path & purpose. Chris' knowledge and intuitive guidance in using the Young Living oils is stupendous. 

I have had the opportunity to have had several sessions with Chris over the last couple of months. Each session was very individual and exactly what I needed at that time. The 'Rainbow Technique' for example, helped me to get rid of parasites.

I have recommended Chris to my family & he has become a trusted colleague & friend. 

- Petra Stampfer, Soul Light Institute, Melbourne


Christopher is amazing! He did a healing for me and it brought up more than four years of therapy has! His way of healing is to tone and make sounds and have you repeat phrases and he goes really deep into your family and faith traditions. He gave me ideas of ways to feel better and take action. He cleared out issues I’ve been dealing with that were keeping me stuck. And this was all in one session! I recommend Christopher to EVERYONE!

- Rabbi Shari Preston - Interfaith Wedding Officiant- Delaware, USA


Chris has got the goods. Hard to describe one of his voice sessions except to say it’s very much like a dance – it will go wherever you’re able to follow. Using cymbals, bells, various instruments and his wildly eclectic arsenal of vocal techniques, he draws out a primal response in the sounds buried in your psyche that are longing to be released. It’s essentially one spontaneous movement as Chris applies his specially prepared oils and unguents and gentle but powerful touch. It will be different for each person but I can assure you, it will be intense and deeply healing.

 - Max Ryan, lead vocalist with the band Hexham, Byron Bay


Thank you for doing your demonstration at the Universal Insights Expos. Presenting the benefits of Vibrational Healing is a challenging task and you manage to get your knowledge and wisdom across very well. 

I admire the work you do. It has a very high frequency vibration and very pure energy, so I am always delighted when you book in for the expo. I have had excellent feedback on your healing work at the shows.

Comments have been that you are caring, nurturing and offer a profound healing experience. All this in a busy noisy environment is an accomplishment indeed!

- Expo owner, Universal Insights Expos


I have known Chris nearly all his life and it is a great joy to see that he has found his vocation as a healer. His ability to use many different 'tools' in his work is in keeping with a desire he expressed many years ago that he 'didn't want to be just one thing'.

Chris has been seeing me weekly for a couple of months and uses a combination of gentle massage, reiki, sound & his own way of intuitively working. I have experienced a great deal of emotional healing, which I feel was necessary before I was in a position to improve physically. Chris is remarkably sensitive to a persons situation and I would recommend him to anyone who wishes for more wholeness in their being.

- Andrea Casey, Chemist, Melbourne 


Chris’ sound activation meditation helped prepare me mentally, emotionally and spiritually for one of the most challenging experiences of my life so far. His meditation allowed me to see life from my loved ones perspectives, bringing me closer to them, allowing me to feel more supported and connected to them.

It also strengthened my mind, my belief in myself and gave me the courage to go deep into the journey and joy of creating space for the safe and healthy arrival of this very special being about to come into our lives.

Chris’ meditation was the best thing I could have done in preparation for labour. It was worth every penny!

- Charlotte, Mother & Horticulturalist, Melbourne 


Chris is AWESOME! He is so spot on with his intuition it is almost like he is a little camera inside your body - the sound healing is so profound IT WORKS!!  OMG it works - the healing that takes place is amazing. Chris is so very gentle, caring and compassionate. His love for people shines through in all his work.  you can feel the joy he has for helping people. If you are looking for a sound healer, Pick Chris

- Stacey Huish, Founding Director 1000 Ripple Effects


Chris has been such an inspiration for me to see how far I could go with my path as a healer.

He is a natural intuitive healer. His session was very relaxing, joyful and deep at the same time.

It's a holistic experience: with smells, vibrational healing, touch, voice healing, channeling...

He put his tuning fork on my occiput and it was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I will never forget that moment. Some seconds of ecstatic blissful laughter

- Dee Leborgne, Massage therapist, Yoga and Energy Healing


Not only was it very focussed and fun but I felt like I was in an alternative reality as if time was compressed and a whole session was done in 15 minutes as he did the energetic clearings and sound attunements.

Ahly Titchener, Web designer, Mum, Entrepreneur,


Chris uses sound, intuition, clearings, meditation & visualisation to deliver powerful & dynamic work all guided from the highest divine energies.

I've had several sessions with Chris and each time I have a profound shifts - physically, emotionally & energetically. He lovingly holds space and pin points what's ready to be released and provides intuitive guidance to implement new ways of being into life after the sessions.

Sarah Ripper, Social Entrepreneur, Energetic Alignment Practitioner & Creative


As a singer, I have found his use of various healing techniques (including traditional remedial massage and sound/energetic techniques) particularly well-suited to helping me to open up my vocal capacity and increase my body awareness.  I recommend his treatments wholeheartedly. Thanks Chris!

Ambika Taylor, Singer


I had a customised meditation from Chris. It's the funniest, happiest feeling meditation I've done. I got so much creativity flowing afterwards. Seriously.

Laura Luca


I've tried many healing modalities and don't often feel called to do this but I have to do a shout out because I've just had an intense SOUND HEALING SESSION with Chris and he is pure magic.

If you want to feel lighter, unstuck and ready to receive EVERYTHING that you've been blocking then he's your man.

As the sounds came through my headphones I could feel energy shifting around in my body, with shadow energy moving out to allow a lighter energy to come in. I left the call feeling fricking amazing.

- Bronwyn, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist, Melbourne