Highest Intention Continued

Like a vision of meditating in the high Himalayan peaks: breathing pure, crisp mountain air to the sound of gushing, icy-fresh meltwater streams, this elixir reconnects you to the feeling of clarity without distraction or distortion.  It enhances the free flow of intuitive understanding and information which cascades down into you from high above your head, flushing out the old, recycled mental static and “brain-fog”.  It clears out the stagnation of energy from the head and lifts us up above to the level of our Highest Intention. 

Fantastic to use at the end of a heady, screen-heavy day, or when it is time to revisit and reassess goals and aspirations.  It is also perfect for use prior to meditation to evoke the essence of lucidity.


Chakra: Crown Chakra

Organ: affects Liver chi

Symbol/Image: Himalayan peaks

Key words: Focus, Clarity, Simplicity, Purification