Gratitude continued

The energy of the Heart is prone to contracting around hurt, suffering, and injustices that we have experienced in our lives (anything painful that we haven’t been able to reconcile).  This contracture acts like a barrier; on one hand, it serves to desensitise us to the effects of further hurt by separating us from being vulnerable to the influence of the world around us, and on the other hand, it keeps the hurt we have experienced trapped on the inside.   The protective closure of Heart energy creates a feeling of separation and isolation and keeps us identified in a “me versus the world” mentality.  This Elixir helps to loosen the knots around negatively charged emotional identification with events and situations from the past.

As Gratitude opens the Heart and reconnects us with Presence, we activate a powerful, dynamic, living force. This is the creative force operating and driving all things.  Gratitude awakens the link between the individual and Universal Intelligence.  This Universal Intelligence is then able to use the individual form to manifest the various creative and evolutionary impulses of the Divine.

Chakra: Heart

Symbol/Image: Red Flower

Emotion: Gratitude and Appreciation

Body system: Heart, pulmonary

Meridian: Heart and Lung