Harmonic Elixirs is the creation of Chris Blackwell, vibrational alignment coach, musician and intuitive sound healer. Everything Chris creates is about harnessing frequencies to create a resonant human energy field. Through this resonance balance can be restored, along with wellbeing, positive mindset and deeper levels of love & harmony.  

Everything is energy. Knowing this, Chris created frequency blend products and specialised services to get you into your optimum state of being.

From over 20 years of experience and a dynamic personal journey there's powerful individual vibrational alignment services and online training programs for those who are ready & willing to let go of the past, live with greater vitality and step into their co-creative power.

The Elixir sprays came about through Chris' intuitive guidance, meditation and aromatherapy knowledge. They contain a combination of premium essential oils and unique vibrational frequencies. The blends can be used for a variety of purposes to bring about deeper clarity, vision, understanding and healing.


Booked in for a session with Chris because I was feeling stuck in my money story. The results were instant. As well as feeling lighter and happier in my body he gave me valuable intuitive insights to put into action. The money magic happened within three days as cash and clients appeared as if out of thin air right in the busy lead up to Christmas - creating a month worth of income in less than a week!

Chris has a powerful manifesting method and I'm grateful for the session and the resulting cash in the bank.

Bronwyn, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach)

I was stuck and struggling with complex family dynamics and Chris’ gave me perspective and a very unique way of being able to cope and come to peace with the situation. This, in turn eased tension for everyone and improved the challenging dynamic.

Chris has the gift of intuition and an ability to help people heal themselves and transform challenges with incredible warmth and humour. His work is powerful but also a joy to experience. I see his work as modern day alchemy. I recommend him to all my friends and loved ones.

Charlotte. Mother & Horticulturalist

Chris is AWESOME! He is so spot on with his intuition it is almost like he is a little camera inside your body - the sound healing is so profound IT WORKS!!  OMG it works - the healing that takes place is amazing. Chris is so very gentle, caring and compassionate. His love for people shines through in all his work.  you can feel the joy he has for helping people. If you are looking for a sound healer, Pick Chris! 

Stacey Huish, Founding Director 1000 Ripple Effects

Not only was it very focussed and fun but I felt like I was in an alternative reality as if time was compressed and a whole session was done in 15 minutes as he did the energetic clearings and sound attunements. 

Ahly Titchener, Web designer, Mum, Entrepreneur,

Chris has been such an inspiration for me to see how far I could go with my path as a healer.

He is a natural intuitive healer.

His session was very relaxing, joyful and deep at the same time.

It's a holistic experience: with smells, vibrational healing, touch, voice healing, channeling...

He put his tuning fork on my occiput and it was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I will never forget that moment. Some seconds of ecstatic blissful laughter!

I really wish this experience to anyone.

It also helped me to liberate some layers of my belief systems regarding money and romantic relationships.

It was a big step of letting go of the "poor mentality" to let the abundance enter. I wish I had recorded the session.

His essential oil blends can put you in a state of trance.

Thank you for the transformation.

DEE Leborgne Massage therapist, Yoga and Energy Healing

Chris uses sound, intuition, clearings, meditation & visualisation to deliver powerful & dynamic work all guided from the highest divine energies.

I've had several sessions with Chris and each time I have a profound shifts - physically, emotionally & energetically. He lovingly holds space and pin points what's ready to be released and provides intuitive guidance to implement new ways of being into life after the sessions.

Sarah Ripper, Social Entrepreneur, Energetic Alignment Practitioner & Creative

I can attest that you can shift a lot in just 15 minutes with Chris - as long as you are willing to let go!

Karen Jane Howard, Access consciousness facilitator

I have had a number of sessions with Chris and each one has been highly effective.

As a singer, I have found his use of various healing techniques (including traditional remedial massage and sound/energetic techniques) particularly well-suited to helping me to open up my vocal capacity and increase my body awareness.  I recommend his treatments wholeheartedly. Thanks Chris!

Ambika Taylor - Singer

I had a customised meditation from Chris. It's the funniest, happiest feeling meditation I've done. I got so much creativity flowing afterwards. Seriously.

Laura Luca